Children 3-5 years of age
         In the Kindergarten classes, we engage the child-centered approach by allowing freedom of children to think, experience and explore.  We also combine Neo-humanist education in our teaching.  The students are taught in the positive and supportive learning environment thereby enabling them to achieve their fullest potential.
        We offer 2 programs, Thai Program and Intensive English Program.
    Thai Program
  • follows the early year foundation stage of the curriculum of the Ministry of Education.
  • develops children in physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth according to age and capacity
  • emphasizes on both academic and life experience skills.
  • promotes learning across the curriculum including swimming and PE, English with native English teachers, Mandarin Chinese, computers, music and dance, art and religious education etc.
Intensive English Program
  • offers the opportunity to study English with native English speakers by practicing everyday communication and developing the right accent at early ages.   Students will also have a chance to study English with Thai teachers to broaden their knowledge.
  • incorporates various types of activities and games as well as teaching tools to encourage the children to communicate and to be confident in using English
  • core subjects of literacy, numeracy, science and other subjects are taught in Thai by teachers who are specialist in their subjects.
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        From the Kindergarten year 1 to 3 in both the Thai Program and the Intensive English Program we introduce phonics approach using to enhance the reading and spelling skills.  
            In Chinese, we introduce pinyin(拼音),the standard Chinese pronunciation system to represent characters using Roman letters, which is later also used in primary years.  
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